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Terms and Conditions

You can order our products to be send anywhere in the world!

We sent successfully a great number of orders worldwide since our company exists!
And this number keeps growing every day thanks to the excellence of our products and our outstanding customer service! 

Payment methods

1- Credit card

Visa - MasterCard - Amex - Discover

2- Wire transfer in US Dollar or Euro

You can send your payment by
wire transfer directly from your bank account to our bank.

Please contact us by e-mail after you have chosen your product(s), then we will provide you with the
total amount of your order and our bank account information.

You will find our e-mail under Contact

3- Money order in Euro

You can also pay with a Money Order that you can send us by mail in addition of a written order (it is imperative that you provide us with your e-mail address).

Please contact us by e-mail after you have chosen your product(s), then we will provide you with the total amount of your order, name of recipient and our European address.

You will find our e-mail under Contact

4- Money transfer via WesternUnion or MoneyGram

You can also pay by money transfer with WesternUnion or MoneyGram besides filling out a written order sent by email providing us with the money transfer number. You can check the WesternUnion or MoneyGram branches nearest you.

Please contact us by e-mail after you have chosen your product(s), then we will provide you with the total amount of your order, name of recipient and our European address.

You will find our mailing information under Contact

Incomplete orders will not be shipped, so please be sure to give us your e-mail address to avoid any delays. If your email address is wrong, we won't be able to send your receipt or contact you.

Shipping and handling

First Class Mail International (slow, no tracking) from $22.95 (Canada) to $28.95*
Delivery in 12 to 15 days minimum

Priority Mail International (secure way and fast) from $48.95*
Delivery in 7 to 12 days minimum

* IMPORTANT To avoid customs seizure or customs fees to our international clients (outside USA), we reserve the right to charge extra shipping fee for some orders, some products or some countries. In these cases, your products will be shipped separately in several parcels for the best interest of our clients.

Priority Mail (US continental only) $10.95
Delivery in 3 to 5 days

Priority Mail (Alaska, Puerto Rico & Hawaii) $14.95
Delivery in 3 to 5 days

You could choose to have your parcel shipped by these carriers, then we calculate the fees based on quantity and weight of ordered items. This method is mainly used for Africa, Middle-East and Asia for example where the postal service might be a problem. You have to pay those fees. The delivery time  is usualy 3 to 5 business days but cost could be high.

Processing of your order

Your order will be shipped the same day we receive your payment! After you placed your order through our SSL secured system, we will send you an email confirming your purchase (you may want to keep it until you receive your package).

It is imperative that you provide us with your email address to allow further communication with you. The secrecy of the information provided to us by our customers is guaranteed. We will never communicate those information to third parties.

Orders placed on Friday will be processed the next Monday, the postal service being closed on week-ends.

Be aware that we are an incorporated company listed and registered. Please feel free to ask about information and justification about us.

We may have to cancel online orders exceeding a certain amount and ask you to pay with another method than a credit card, especially for new customers.

Back Orders

We are rarely out of stock. In this case we will send you an email in 24 to 48 hours. You will have the choice to select a similar product if the one that you purchased is no longer available.

Cancellation and refund

We will refund your order (products only) within 30 days of purchase, if it has been returned to us unopened and intact by the postal service. The amount refunded will consider the value of your order minus 25% for administration and restocking fee. Shipping charges are not refunded.

Message to those who make fraudulent orders

Don't try to do this on our website. We are vigilant and would immediately inform the law enforcement agencies of your country. We already succeeded in having numerous individuals prosecuted and we will continue our efforts to deter dishonest people, for our protection as well as that of our truthful customers.

Please note

That we ship worldwide without problems. Our parcels are discret and made of resistant material, allowing 99.9 % of them to avoid customs seizure and therefore customs fees and taxes. We have a great expertise in shipping to foreign countries, to the satisfaction of our customers.

Upon departure of your parcel, you will receive an email explaining our method of shipping. It is IMPERATIVE that you read it entirely.

There is still a minimum risk of seizure of your order by the customs of your country. The products might end returned to us or even be confiscated, depending on to type of products ordered. We send every products that we sell but you have to take responsibility of that risk. If the items are returned to us we can refund their value minus 25% for administration and restocking fees. Be advised that 90% of those seized products are returned to us if they had been ship in Registered or Express Mail and we have to sign upon reception. If your parcel has been intercepted by the customs, they normally should advised you of that seizure. If the products have been destroyed, lost or stolen, no refund will be granted.

You can track your package on the US Postal Service Website ( going to TRACKING and entering the parcel number.

Intellectual Property

Reproduction in whole or in part Nutrivea-usa website without the express permission of Advanced Medical Knowledge and Techniques, Inc. is strictly prohibited. Indeed the documents and items created for the site are the exclusive property of Nutrivea-usa. Advanced Medical Knowledge and Techniques, Inc. reserves the right to seek damages for infringement and more generally affects its intellectual property rights.

Contact us by email and it will be our pleasure to answer your questions and give you advice

We are committed to satisfying all our customers



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