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Fitness and Anti-Aging Therapy                FEEL IT... SEE IT... MEASURE IT !

Symbiotropin is one of the world's leading anti-aging therapies. It has quickly become Nutraceutics' number-one selling product.

Fitness enthusiasts use Symbiotropin to support the repair and growth of hard-earned muscle. Others use Symbiotropin to improve body composition and promote lean muscle. More than 28 million doses have been taken by thoroughly satisfied customers. Symbiotropin - for dramatic improvements in your quality of life.

• Key amino acids support repair and growth of hard-earned muscle and improve body composition.
• The market leader in anti-aging therapies, working as hard as you do to improve your quality of life.

The delicious berry flavored effervescent cocktail will quickly become a highlight in your day.

People incorporating exercise, a healthy diet and Symbiotropin into their daily routine, for as little as 90 days, may see positive improvements in:

• Fat reduction Healthy skin, hair and nail
• Optimal change in body composition
• Muscle strength
• Decreasing waist circumference
• Maximizing energy
• Mood improvement
• Exercise endurance increase
• Fighting stress
• Flexibility improvement
• Quality of life

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Symbiotropin / 40 effervescent sachets

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Directions: Dissolve 2 Symbiotropin sachets in 4 to 6 ounces of water. Once fully dissolved, stir and drink immediately. It is best to take Symbiotropin at bedtime 2 to 3 hours after last meal. Take for 5 days per week and skip 2 days. Take Symbiotropin for three months then skip one month. Repeat cycle.

Alternative use: To maximize the effects of your exercise training regimen, take 1 sachet of Symbiotropin in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast, in addition to 2 sachets of Symbiotropin at bedtime 2 to 3 hours after last meal. Take for 5 days per week and skip 2 days. Take Symbiotropin for three months then skip one month. Repeat cycle.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 sachets
Serving per container: 20


% Daily  


Total Calories



Total carbohydrate

3 g


Sodium (as sodium bicarbonate/sodium carbonate)

180 mg


Potassium (as potassium bicarbonate)

600 mg


Symbiotropin blend

3650 mg




L-Arginine - L-Pyroglutamate


L-Lysine hydrochloride


AlphaSize® Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC)




Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: Citric acid, natural and artificial flavor, magnesium oxide, stevia extract.


Frequently Asked Questions about Symbiotropin

What is Symbiotropin?
Symbiotropin was developed in the early 1990s as an anti-aging adjunct therapy to compliment growth hormone injectables in our medical markets around the world. Nutraceutics’ core business has always been assisting doctors in their search to improve their patients’ quality of life, and keep them feeling better. Since its launch, Symbiotropin has come to be one of the leading anti-aging nutraceuticals in the marketplace.

What are anterior pituitary peptides?
Anterior pituitary peptides are ultra pure proteins and peptides derived from porcine anterior pituitary glands. Basically they are an advanced form of glandular therapy. Glandular therapies have been used in medicine for over 100 years with great success. Common examples of other glandular therapies are taking pancreatic substances for digestive problems or taking thyroid for abnormal thyroid function. Anterior pituitary peptides nourish the pituitary gland, the organ responsible for manufacturing and releasing growth hormone.

What is growth hormone injectable?
It is the process of injecting bioengineered human growth hormone for the purpose of restoring growth hormone levels to that of a 20-30 year old. It is a practice most closely associated in the public eye with Olympic athletes trying to enhance their performance, and with baby boomers trying to keep Father Time at bay.

Is Symbiotropin growth hormone?
No, Symbiotropin does not contain bioengineered Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is a drug that requires a prescription from a doctor and needs to be injected. Any company that claims to have a supplement that contains Growth Hormone is lying or they are selling an unsafe, adulterated product that should not be used.

Why is Symbiotropin better than all these other secretagogue products on the market?
Nutraceutics was the first nutraceutical company to develop such a product. Symbiotropin took years of research and testing before being launched in the medical community in the early 1990s. Symbiotropin is the only product of its kind to have presented data at more than 8 medical conferences around the world, including ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine), one of the oldest and largest anti-aging medical societies. We are very proud of the fact that thousands of doctors around the world have been administering Symbiotropin with great success. We have sold millions and millions of doses to thoroughly satisfied customers. The ingredients contained in Symbiotropin are of the highest quality, meeting either USP specifications or GRAS status. Symbiotropin is manufactured in a NSF GMP registered plant. NSF GMP registration ensures quality manufacturing.

I’ve heard Growth Hormone injectable called the elixir of the stars, why?
Many celebrities have acknowledged using Growth Hormone injectable to fight the onslaught of age. Celebrities often rely on anti-aging physicians to keep them looking and feeling their best. Growth Hormone injectable is very popular among anti-aging physicians. While some stars are willing to do anything to stay young, others rely on nutritional therapies to keep them feeling their best. In fact we have many celebrities and athletes that have been customers for years.

As an athlete, how do I get the best results from taking Symbiotropin?
Symbiotropin was designed to take before bedtime, 2-3 hours after your last meal. Repeat for 5 days, skip two days and repeat the cycle. To really maximize the effects, follow these other lifestyle tips:

• Take a multivitamin daily.
• Eat a high protein diet.
• Eat 4-6 small meals every day.
• Load up on lean protein, grains, fruits and vegetables.
• Limit your intake of sugar and highly refined processed food.
• Exercise as often as possible.
• Sustained high-intensity exercise is best, remember intense is the key word.
• Try to get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

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User comments


I'm pretty amazed of the results and I want to let you know.

On the first week of treatment, the quality of my sleep has improved.

I could feel a greater energy level and vitality. What pleased me the most is the improvement of my hands. I am 64 years old soon, my hands were stained and my skin dry. After 2 weeks the age spots began to clear and now in my fourth week the skin is much more flexible and clear.


Françoise H. O.

P.S. Of course you can post my email on your website, and I hoped that many people will order this product with complete confidence. This is money well spent.



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