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Viva XL

Nutraceutics Laboratories

Viva XL is a rejuvenating, energy enhancing effervescent cocktail formulated for both men and women.
Some people call it a “happy cocktail.” It was designed to supply the body with the ingredients necessary to make mood-enhancing, stress-relieving and appetite suppressing chemicals. Viva XL’s synergistic blend of B vitamins, folic acid and amino acids acts to quickly restore the nutrients essential to your body’s production of:

  • Mood enhancing chemicals

  • Stress relieving chemicals

  • Appetite suppressing chemicals

Taking Viva XL may help you to:

  • Enhance and enjoy your workout

  • Energize your mood

  • Elevate your sense of well-being

  • Combat the body blues

  • Improve sexual health

  • Improve your quality of life

Viva XL is individually packaged in single serving sachets. It's easy to carry and remains fresh until you activate it in your glass!



Viva XL  /  20 sachets

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Directions: Dissolve one sachet in 6 to 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. Do not exceed 1 sachet of Viva XL in
                  a 24 hour period.

 Supplement Facts
 Serving size: 1
sachet                                        Amount Per       % Daily
 Serving Per Container: 20
                                       Serving         Value*
 Calories 10 <1
 Calories from Fat 0 0
 Total Fat 0 0
 Saturated Fat 0 0
 Total Carbohydrates 2 <1
 Sodium 100 4
 Thiamine (as thiamine hydrochloride) 13mg 870
 Riboflavin (as riboflavin 5-phosphate) 15mg 880
 Niacin 50mg 250
 Vitamin B6 40mg 200
 Folic Acid 400 100
 Vitamin B12 300 5000
 Biotin 150 50
 Pantothenic Acid 21mg 210
 L-Arginine hydrochloride 2800mg
 DL-Phenylalanine 400mg
 DMAE 200mg
 GNS2 Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)
ct standardized to 20% ginsenosides
 Kola Nut (cola acumenata)
ct standardized to 20% caffeine
 Inositol 100mg
 Trimethyl Glycine 100mg
 Taurine 50mg
 Citrulline 50mg
                                          * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:  Dextrose, Citrix Acid, natural/artificial Flavors, Sodium Bicarbonat, Sodium Carbonat, Sucralose.

More information:

  • Body Blues
    Take one sachet of
    Viva XL on weekday afternoons. Skip weekends.

  • Exercise/Fitness
    Take one sachet of
    Viva XL one half hour prior to workouts or competition. Viva XL actually builds in your system. The more you use Viva XL, the better you results.

  • Sexual Health
    Take one sachet of
    Viva XL in the morning on an empty stomach. Men and women may take an additional sachet one half hour before sexual activity to enhance the natural flush that occur during orgasm. Take Viva XL a full four weeks before you start to measure your results.

  • Cognitive Function
    Take one sachet of
    Viva XL daily on an empty stomach. For optimal results, take Viva XL in the morning.

  • Addicted to Feeling Good
    Take up to two sachets
    Viva XL anytime day or night.

Who should take Viva XL? Is it for men and women?
Viva XL is for both men and women, and can be taken every day. The multi-faceted benefits of Viva XL are especially apparent in individuals with hectic, taxing and stressful lifestyles.

How can Viva XL help me to enjoy better sex?
The release of histamines are a requirement for achieving orgasm. Histamine release during sexual activity is what causes the “sex flush”. Taking Viva XL one half hour before sex may enhance the “sex flush” that occurs during orgasm.

I have been hearing about Arginine in the news. What are its benefits?
L-Arginine is an amino acid that has enormous biological benefits for both men and women. The benefits include improving reproductive health, liver function, renal function, digestive function, immune function and cardiovascular health.

How long should I take Viva XL before I start to see results?
Many people start to feel the results from Viva XL in as little as seven days. We recommend that you take Viva XL for a full 30 days in order to judge the significance of your overall improvements.

What are the "Body Blues"?
This is a syndrome that affects tens of millions of people. A person who has the body blues will experience 3 or more of the following symptoms:

  • eating too much and gaining weight

  • lack of energy

  • irritability or tension

  • difficulty concentrating

  • sleep problems

  • daytime drowsiness

  • decreased interesti in sex

  • mild anxiety

  • mild depression


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