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For energy in minutes

Nutraceutics Laboratories

is a powerful performance-enhancing, effervescent elixir specifically formulated to deliver energy you feel in minutes. ProEndorphin is great for active people on the go, pre or post workout energizer, people who seek endurance and increased performance, people who need a burst of energy any time of the day or night.

ProEndorphin’s precise blend of B-vitamins and amino acids acts to:

  • Increase energy

  • Sustain endurance

  • Promote muscular strength

  • Promote aerobic performance and capacity

  • Decrease lactic acid buildup

  • Enhance mental and physical performance


Hillary Swank included ProEndorphin in her
workout routine for Million Dollar Baby
(Vitals Magazine, March 2005)

"The 15 minute fatigue fighter" 
 (Glamour Magazine)


"Pro Endorphin" is extremely effective at increasing energy and endurance. I would also qualify it as a mood brightener. It comes in an effervescent "fizzy powder" delivery system. It is a novel configuration of vitamins, amino acids, and herbs that, in combination, are especially useful before workouts and around that 3:00 or 4:00 afternoon slump. Instead of trying to get a lift from sugar or unhealthy carbohydrates, ProEndorphin does a much better job. And, as a side note, it's very good for hangovers!"
OZ Garcia, personal trainer for Robert DeNiro, Tyra Banks, Winona Ryder and Taylor Dane

When asked, "Does ProEndorphin" deliver?" Susan Casey of Esquire Magazine replied, "Sweet Jesus, yes. Within minutes of mixing the Tang-tasting powder with water and drinking it, I have the desire to complete every task I've been avoiding for the past several months and do sets of push-ups in between. It's a nicely amped feeling, with none of the jittery highs and jolting lows of less refined stimulants like caffeine or guarana. Later, I kick ass in a two hour swim practice."
Esquire Magazine, February 2004

ProEndorphin was created by the St. Louis company Nutraceutics, a three generation clan of pharmacologists, to help athletes train harder and recover faster. This orange powder, until recently available only through doctors, is a high-grade blend of B-vitamins, kola nitida (an organic caffeine), ginseng, and other nutrients, carefully precessed to ensure the highest level of absorption and potency.
Fortune Magazine, May 30, 2005



ProEndorphin  /  20 sachets

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Directions:  For increased energy and sustained endurance, dissolve 1 sachet of ProEndorphin in approximately 6-8
                   ounces of water. ProEndorphin is great before, during or after your workout or competition. ProEndorphin is
                   also perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up. Frequently asked questions about ProEndorphin.


What’s in ProEndorphin?

Biotin is essential for numerous body processes that manufacture and break down fats, amino acid and carbohydrates.
Pantothenic Acid
Pantothenic acid functions in the production of fats, Cholesterol, bile and red blood cells and some hormones and neurotransmitters.
B1 (Thiamine mononitrate) is required for the normal functioning of all body cells, especially nerves. B1 is involved in processes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to produce energy.
B2 (Riboflavin) produces energy the same way as vitamin B1, in addition, it regulates hormones and aids in the formation of red blood cells.
Niacin works to release energy from carbohydrates and supply this energy to all body cells.
Vitamin B6’s primary role involves protein and its building blocks, the amino acids. B6 is involved in the manufacture of most protein based compounds like hormones and protein derived neurotransmitters.
Vitamin B-12 is essential for everyone to maintain a healthy nervous system. B12 is a catalyst for neurotransmitting signals and enables the body to properly utilize macro-nutrients like protein.
DL Phenylalanine
DL Phenylalanine a mood brightener and energy stimulator, increases mental alertness, promotes sexual arousal and may alleviate pain by inhibiting the enzymes that break down your brain’s natural pain killers, enkephains and endorphins.
Inositol is known as a brain food and growth agent that protects against cardiovascular disease by moving fats out of the liver.
Ginseng works as a stress reducer and anti-fatigue agent, as it heightens mental and physical stamina. A recent reviews of scientific literature was carried out and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 75% of studies reviewed confirmed a positive effect from Ginseng. The Ginseng helped to increase muscular strength and aerobic work capacity.
Kala Nitada
Kola nut is used to combat mental and physical fatigue.
Taurine, a vital amino acid, works to modulate neurotransmitters, stabilize heart rhythm, maintain clear blood vessels and protect against excitotoxins.
DMAE is a naturally occurring substance found in brain foods such as anchovies, It stimulates the production of choline. Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in many bodily functions.

 Supplement Facts
 Serving size: 1 sachet
                                      Amount Per       % Daily
 Serving Per Container: 20
                                       Serving         Value*
 Calories Total 15  
 Total Carbohydrates 2.5 g 1%
 Thiamine (as thiamine hydrochloride) 15 mg 1000%
 Riboflavin (as riboflavin 5-phosphate) 16 mg 940%
 Niacin 50 mg 250%
 Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine hydrochloride) 25 mg 1200%
 Vitamin B12 (as cyanocohalamin) 300 mcg 5000%
 Biotin 150 mcg 50%
 Panthotenic Acid (as D calcium pantotherate) 48 mg 480%
 Sodium 150 mg 6%
  Potassium 139 mg 4%
 ProEndorphin Exclusive Blend® 1125 mg %
  DL Phenylalanine  
  Panax Ginseng Extract (root)  
  DMAE (2-Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate)  
  Kola Nut Extract  
                                          * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients : Dextrose, Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Beta Cyclodextrin, Potassium Bicarbonate, Natural and
                              Artificial Flavors, sucralose

Storage : Keep at room temperature and out from heat, moisture, light.

Keep out of reach of children.


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