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Star's Super Male Potency Tonic
For Natural Energy Enhancement

Star Laboratories

This all-natural male potency tonic was originally designed to directly affect strength, stamina, endurance, and even sexual function and frequency. Star’s Male Potency Tonic is an all-natural supplement, which can and will enhance one’s own natural testosterone level without the side effects of steroids that acts as a natural anabolic energizer.

Use Star’s Male Potency Tonic as a dietary supplement for weight training programs or to increase sexual function. This all-natural anabolic energizer addresses four specific areas closely related to improving sexual function, physical strength, and stamina. These areas include the sex hormones, health and special nutrients for the sex glands, muscle and physical strength, and activators for natural testosterone hormone precursor production.

Star’s Male Potency Tonic is an advanced herbal libido product which contains important testosterone precursors that provide long acting and energizing benefits which are all natural, safe, and non-toxic, dietary supplements that can increase sexual function and enhance one’s energy levels.

The overall Benefits for using Star Male Potency Tonic include...

  • Increase in energy, endurance, and stamina

  • Increase in Natural Testosterone production and levels

  • Increase power in workout and overall endurance with incredible strength gains

  • Dramatically increases sexual function and libido

  • Improved sexual functioning through enhancing the sex hormones, providing health and special nutrients for the sex glands, improving muscle and physical strength



Super Male Potency Tonic  /  60 capsules

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Directions: As a dietary supplement or maintenance program, take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.
                  An additional capsule may be taken 30 minutes before exercise or other strenuous activity.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 2 capsules
Serving per container: 30

Amount Per

% Daily  

 Trillium Erectum 225 mg

 Potency Wood 225 mg

 Orchic substance 200 mg

 Saw Palmetto extract 100 mg

 Dioscorea Machro Stachya 100 mg

 Smilax Medica (Aristo Lochiaefolia) 100 mg

 Boron (sodium borate) 3 mg

                                      * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet
Daily Value not established

It was discovered in the 1940’s that this particular herb had a higher diosgenin and steroidal sapogenin content than any other known natural source. It has been found to act as an astringent which affects the endocrine system and hormone functions due to its ability to cause contractions of tissues.

This herb may be one of the more tested of the herbal products, since it is known in Brazil as an Aphrodisiac which is used as a remedy for impotence and has been used for centuries for its ability to improve libido and sexual function.

This extract is safely obtained and extracted from the bovine testes of virile bulls known to increase testosterone levels without harmful side effects.

It is reputed to be beneficial for the reproductive organs of both sexes, working as an aphrodisiac and a tonic.
Saw Palmetto has been known to stimulate the appetite, enhance endurance and to tone and strengthen the male reproductive system. Saw Palmetto is especially beneficial for prostate enlargement and infections. It also improves poor appetites while helping to enhance sexual functioning and desire.

This herb is Mexican Wild Yam which contains a Natural steroidal sapogenins that aids the adrenal and pituitary glands in the production of the body’s own natural hormones, acting as a natural precursoer, used in the partial synthesis of hormones having a steroid structure.

This herb contains saponins and plant steroids that the body can use as a precursor for one’s own body to Naturally synthesize increased levels of Estrogen and Testosterone. Ever since Spanish traders brought this herb to Europe in
the 1600’s, there has been a mystique surrounding this controversial herb, and it soon became known as a tonic for
male sexual potency. Herbalists’ claim that its' steroid like compounds- sapogenin glycosides, actually resemble male hormones. Although this has never been proven, these substances appear to stimulate the body’s metabolic processes. One thing we do know is that for centuries, different cultures in widely separated parts of the world have utilized this herb often in surprisingly similar ways.

This is a natural mineral, used as a Natural supplement, that has been reputed to increase testosterone levels in humans.


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