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Renewal HGH Advanced
Oral growth hormone

Always Young

The Next Generation of Oral Growth Hormone

The Renewal Advanced Formula is an orchestration of energies that brings a new level of efficacy to oral growth hormone.

It is designed to accelerate the innate capabilities of homeopathic HGH by blending a totally unique combination of ingredients.

Integrating growth hormone with eight other nutrients, the Renewal Advanced Formula delivers a potency far greater than the sum of its elements, promoting faster, deeper and longer lasting results.

HGH has been hailed as the ultimate in anti-aging, shown in studies to increase energy, strength, stamina, reduce fat, build lean muscle, improve memory, sleep and sexual function, heighten mood, re-hydrate skin, improve digestion, re-color hair, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and much, much more.

Formulated to:

  • Relieve Aging Symptoms

  • Encourage GH Release

  • Increase GH Production

  • Improve GH Assimilation

  • Increase Energy

  • Reduce Fat

  • Improve Memory

  • Renew and Replenish

Eight Synergistic Ingredients

Ornithine is a natural promoter of GH in the body. Protease metabolizes protein, including growth hormone. Albumin delivers nutrients to the cells and is essential for their growth and renewal. RNA is the communication system inside the cells. Zinc is essential for the growth and repair of the cells. MSM repairs the connective tissues and joints. Silica is important for the skin, hair and nails, as well as the assimilation of our electrical energies, and Colostrum is a tremendous aid to the immune system.

Product Features

  • True HGH

  • 8 Other Synergistic Ingredients

  • Oral Spray

  • Homeopathic

  • Fully Hand-Succussed

  • Doctor Formulated

  • FDA Registered

  • Produced in the United States by an FDA Certified Lab

Combines With

  • Combines exceptionally well with all Renewal products

  • Can be taken with any other vitamins, herbs, medicines, etc...



Renewal  HGH Advanced  /  30 ml

$49.95    Currency Converter


Renewal  HGH Advanced  /  30 ml 

Special 2 Bottles for $79.95    Currency Converter



Recommended Use:

  • For maximum absorption, use Renewal at least 30 minutes before or after putting anything in your mouth other than water

  • To assist absorption, rinse mouth with water prior to dosing

  • Spray 1 to 2 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day

  • Hold the liquid under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds, then swallow

  • Repeat for 5 consecutive days, then take 2 days off

  • If you are taking more than one Renewal product daily, take the first one as directed, then wait a few minutes before taking the next

The best time for each of the three daily doses is:

  • Upon arising in the morning, or before your morning workout

  • Afternoon around 4:00 pm, or before your afternoon/evening workout

  • At night before bedtime

Hand Succussed Ingredients:  HGH 9x/30x, Ornithine 9x, Albumin 3c, Protease 9x, RNA 9x, MSM 9x, Silica 9x,
                                                Colostrum 30, Zinc Sulfate 3c. In a base of purified water, 10% USP alcohol, and 8%
                                                USP vegetable glycerin.

IMPORTANT:  In order to experience the results that are possible with Renewal you must take the product consistently for the first three or four months. Two sprays, three times a day, five days a week as recommended is best.

After taking Renewal for 3 or 4 months it is a good idea to then abstain for a week to ten days. This allows the GH receptor sites in the body to rest and for the body to “air out.”

WARNING:  Do not use if pregnant or lactating. Renewal is not intended for children.


  • 30 ml (One fluid ounce)

  • Approximately 180 sprays

  • 5 - 6 week supply depending on level of use


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