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China Brush
Prolong men's erection


China Brush - Seifen's Kwang Tze solution - Sexual Well Being for Men.

China Brush, Seifen's Kwang Tze's Solution ®, Comes with certificate of Authenticity, is a centuries-old treatment for premature ejaculation, resulting in a harder longer-lasting erection to give maximum pleasure to both parties.

Known in the Orient as "Seifen's Kwang Tze Solution". Each bottle comes individually boxed with an integral brush applicator. Specifically formulated as a fragrance for the male organ. To give men maximum control, prolong your erection and maximize your staying power.

Last longer with Kwang Tze's Solution. Made from all natural medicinal plants, this foolproof ointment comes in a 1/8 fl. oz. bottle with applicator, safe and secured in a manufactures sealed box. You will definitely experience a dramatic improvement in your sexual life.

This one 1/8 fl. oz. bottle can be used for about a month, depends on your frequency of intercourse.

It will not weaken upon prolonged use! Discretely packaged and shipped for your privacy.



China Brush  /  2 bottles of 1/8 fl. oz.

$42.95    Currency Converter



Directions: Simply apply a thin layer to penis head at least one hour before intercourse.

Ingredients: Aloes Wood 5%, Clove 5%, Korean Ginseng 16%, Cinnamon 20%, Distilled Water 46%.


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