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She-Max HP

Sexual enhancer for women


She-Max HP for Women . . . Natural Vitality Enhancer

A totally natural product containing herbal preparations scientifically
proven to increase sexual performance and pleasure.

She-Max HP is the most scientifically advanced all natural and safe sexual
enhancer for women on the market today. Use of She-Max HP results in greater sexual pleasure and health. She-Max HP contains the most important sexual stimulation precursors providing long acting benefits previously obtainable only through prescription drugs. She-Max HP is safe, nontoxic, non-comedogenic, alcohol and mineral oil free.

She-Max HP contains natural herbs that have been proven to have the following actions: antibacterial, anti-depressant, anti-fatigue, aphrodisiac, improves: endurance, mental performance, physical performance, works as a urogenital tonic and uterine stimulant. Improves and maximizes ability to achieve orgasmic pleasure.

She-Max HP is recommended for the following:

  • Low Libido

  • Lack of Energy

  • Vaginal Dryness

She-Max HP helps repair vaginal dryness, while enhancing a women's sexual pleasure. Most users obtain maximum results after using She-Max HP twice daily for one week.  Who can benefit from using She-Max HP? All women desiring maximum sexual fulfillment, greater intimacy and enhanced sexual relationships.



She-Max HP  /  2 oz

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Directions:  Apply 2 or 3 drops on clitoris and massage prior sexual activities.
 For vaginal dryness, apply twice daily on clitoris and vaginal area for one week.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Polyacylamide and C13-C14 Isoparafin and Laureth7, Wild Yam Extract,
                    L Arginine, Ethyl Alcohol, Menthol, Methyl Paraben, Sarsaparilla Extract, Schizandra, DHEA,Propyl
                    Paraben, Boron Citrate.

Warning: Pregnant and breast-feeding women should not use unless under the care of a qualified health professional.

Questions regarding She-Max HP

Q: What is SHE-MAX HP?
A: SHE-MAX HP is a safe, all natural supplement that helps increase sexual performance and enjoyment.

Q: How does SHE-MAX HP work?
A: SHE-MAX HP stimulates sexual energy by expanding the blood vessels causing increased blood flow to the genital area causing increased sexual stimulation and sensation.

Q: How do I use SHE-MAX HP?
A: Simply apply 8-9 drops of SHE-MAX HP to the vaginal area 5-10 minutes before sex. When using SHE-MAX HP as an herbal supplement to help reduce vaginal dryness use twice daily until reaching desired results. Most users will get the best results using She-Max HP daily. The majority of women report significant improvement after one week of use.

Q: What is SHE-MAX HP made of?

A: SHE-MAX HP is specially formulated from all natural herbs and vitamins that have been used for centuries by herbalists to increase sexual energy and vitality.

Q: Who should not use She-Max HP?
A: Pregnant and breast-feeding women should not use unless under the care of a qualified health professional.

Q: What separates your product from other sexual supplements?

A: First off, SHE-MAX HP works quicker and is completely safe. SHE-MAX HP contains the highest levels of active ingredients proven to improve sexual performance! SHE-MAX's all natural ingredients have been tested researched and proven to increase sexual performance. No other product works more effectively!

Q: My partner and I enjoy oral stimulation as well as regular intercourse. What is the effect to the sex partner if some of the SHE-MAX HP is ingested orally?
A: No problem! SHE-MAX HP will have no harmful effects on the body when ingested orally and has virtually no taste.
We suggest, after applying the lubricant allow a few minutes for proper absorption.

Remember SHE-MAX HP will improve your sexual experience with every use!

SHE-MAX HP contains the most essential active ingredients scientifically proven to enhance neurotransmission and blood flow in regions of the brain and genital organs that control sensation and sexual function!


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