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Royal Jelly Cream
For flawless smooth skin

Star Laboratories

Royal Jelly Cream with DMAE and Vitamin E   

Formulated to create a skin cream that would not only provide healing and revitalizing benefits to the skin, but to also provide necessary protection to the skin from pollutants and toxins to keep your skin looking youthful, supple, clear, and clean

Dermatologists worldwide agree that a major cause of skin aging is due to substances known as free radicals.

These substances are composed of highly reactive oxygen molecules that, when in close proximity to healthy cells interact with the healthy cells and create localized damage and inflammation. Over time, this continued assault on healthy skin cells results in the appearance of dull, damaged skin.

In order to combat free radicals which cause wrinkling and damage, Royal Jelly/DMAE has been described as
a "Face Lift" in a bottle. DMAE, is well know to provide immediate visible benefits as it increase skin tone, smoothness, and brightness, as well as tightens pores. Celebrities, TV Hosts commonly lather on DMAE right before going on stage to significantly tighten pores and obtain flawless looking skin.
Royal Jelly is known to energize the skin, provides protection from free radicals, that will soften & smooth skin.

The combination of the Royal Jelly, DMAE and the Vitamin E provides powerful healing to maintain health and to prolong beauty and a youthful glow. Long term use results in younger looking features, greater definition to the face, softer, smoother looking skin and an over all lifted appearance, as well providing protection to skin.



Royal Jelly Cream with DMAE and vitamin E  /  2 oz

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