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Royal Jelly Bee Booster
Immunity and energy boost

Star Laboratories

Royal Jelly Bee Booster
is not a vitamin or a drug, but is a unique and precious food substance from the beehive.
It is not honey or pollen, but is the food of the queen bee. The queen lives approximately 6 years exclusively on a diet of Royal Jelly,
while the worker bees live about 6 weeks eating honey and pollen. The only difference between them is their diet!

Many of the following benefits have been claimed by Royal Jelly Users:

  • Anti-Aging Agent

  • Hormonal Stimulant

  • Energy Enhancer

  • Natural Anti-Depressant

  • Cholesterol Control

  • And the list goes on!!

Royal Jelly Bee Boosters are a superb blend of fresh Royal Jelly with Ginkgo Biloba & Ginseng in a pure honey solution. Royal Jelly Boosters will give you that extra boost that you need to start your day with plenty of energy naturally improving your mood. Royal Jelly Bee Boosters contain essential amino acids, unsaturated fats, natural sugars, minerals, and B vitamins (B-5 and B-6) that herbalists claim have anti-aging benefits.



Royal Jelly Bee Booster  /  5 x 20 ml vials

$39.95    Currency Converter



Directions: Drink one vial daily, preferably on an empty stock in the morning before breakfast, as a daily supplement.


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